dialog’s features

dialog can already do everything that modern people need for comfortable communication – chats, groups, channels, audio calls, speech recognition, it has user-friendly interface and is compatible with chatbots.

Audio / Video calls

Choose your type of communication – text or call your fellows and switch the video.

Video conferencing and screen sharing

Conduct virtual meetings and conference calls with high-resolution quality.

File sharing

Share files of any sizes and formats, copy files between computer and apps.

Chats and Groups

Chat with anyone on your contact list directly or in groups with unlimited amount of people at once.

Audio messages

Voice texts allow you to send a quick little audio notes to the group or one-on-one chat.


A chatbot is a program that simulates human interaction. You can develop and integrate chatbots into dialog.


Channels are best tools for broadcasting messages to large audiences.


Dialog is available with web, desktop & mobile clients.


Keep all your dialog data on you for safety. Dialog is available for cloud or on-premise.

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Messenger that your employees like

Dialog-based enterprise solutions combine functions of phone, e-mail, instant messenger, file exchanging service while keeping comfort and intuitivity of user experience of popular consumer applications with administrative convenience and data control of server model.

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dialog-based messenger in 3 steps

Flexible capabilities of dialog platform customization by the means of convenient tools of Software Development Kit makes it possible to create messengers of any scales in 3 steps.

1 Hosting selection

Self-hosted version is intended to store all data on internal servers of the company.

It is suitable for the companies that are minimizing the involvement of outside servers in intranet data exchange and would like to have total data control.

Cloud version enables to deploy platform to any preferred cloud hosting.

2 Customization

All dialog components are deeply customizable.

Adjust absolutely everything starting from design of your app to any integrations with external services by the use of a several lines of code.

There are over 200 customizable modules in the library.

3 Administrating

Distribute your messenger through stores and markets for everyone or use the function of automatic synchronization with company’s personnel records database.

Distribute access rights to the groups/channels and control your community.

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