Corporate messenger for teamwork and secure communication

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Преимущества приложения Dialog

  • Efficient teamwork

    Find colleagues easily, communicate in group chats, share files and make audio and video calls.

  • Reduce communication costs

    Combining various tools in one platform optimizes the cost of software, hardware, maintenance and support.

  • Secure communication

    Hosting on company servers and integration with corporate security systems.

Dialog Features

Group chats and channels

Groups are chat rooms for communication. Create them for teams and projects in order to concentrate efforts, make work more transparent, and information accessible to everyone.

File sharing

Can’t send a hefty presentation over email? Share files without worrying about size or format limits.

Audio / Video Calls

Call up colleagues in the messenger or audio/video conferencing system.


A convenient chat search will help you find presentations, images, documents. Integration with the address book will help you find the right person by name, position or department.


Create bots and chatbots to automate business processes using the Dialog Bot SDK.

Secure communication

  • High security standards

    Integration with Information Security Infrastructure

    • Active Directory AD / LDAP Integration

    • DLP — Leak Prevention

    • Integration with Antivirus Software

    • SIEM — Threat identification

    • Data encryption with TLS, DTLS protocols

    • Independent Software Security Audit

  • Data under your control

    Dialog hosting

    • On-premise hosting on your company's servers

    • Private cloud hosting on a third-party infrastructure in private cloudSbercloud logo

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Solutions for business and government organizations

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    Leading Russian companies have improved collaboration efficiency by integrating thousands of employees and corporate systems over Dialog.

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    Government organizations

    Dialog provides reliable and secure communication in state-owned companies, meets the requirements for Import Substitution and the state program “Digital Economy”.

Dialog makes teams more efficient

Integrate with third-party applications and automate routine processes using the Dialog Bot SDK and Dialog API.

Dialog Bot SDK

Bot SDK allows you to create bots and chatbots for Dialog. Bots automate repetitive routine operations and free up time for more complex tasks. SDK is available for JS, Java and Python.

Implemented using the Bot SDK

HR bot assistant

Interviews the employee on key issues and forms a vacation application.

Dialog API

The API allows other applications to interact with Dialog. Use the functions of the corporate messenger and create new services for business needs.

Implemented using the Dialog API

Collaboration on MyOffice documents

Due to the integration between Dialog and MyOffice, users can automatically create discussion groups, notify about access and send document links to Dialog without leaving MyOffice applications.

Setting up

  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Sailfish OS


  • On-premise hosting on your company's servers

  • Private cloud hosting

White Label Version

The ability to change the Dialog interface elements according to the customer's brand identity.

Active Directory Integration (AD / LDAP)

Employees in your company can log into Dialog with their corporate accounts.

Dialog in Sberbank

Sberbank has launched the corporate messenger SberChat based on Dialog for over 250K employees.

Operational interaction and data exchange are important for companies of any size and profile. At the same time, the bank and companies-parts of the ecosystem needed their own scalable solution, providing effective and secure communication to a large number of employees. Dialog has implemented a solution that will allow Sberbank not only to optimize the communication process but also to increase the effectiveness of collaboration by creating a single digital workspace.