dialog is much more than just messages.

Our Company has been focused on development of dialog enterprise messenger for over a period of 3 years. Dialog unites experts in IT communication, data security, real-time distributed systems, Big Data and other areas adjacent to messaging. Currently 77 employees are working at Dialog. At different times we have developed products for leading companies in such areas as aerospace and banking, data security and storage systems.

The main office of Dialog is located in Moscow.

Our team is the core value of dialog.

We are the people who make everyday communications easier and more convenient.

We are Dialog
Kuznetsov Andrey
Founder, Executive director
Aksentyuk Anton
Director Of Operations
Gusakov Nikita
Technical director
Zuyevskiy Maxim
Lead DevOps
Semov Ruslan
Ostapenko Yevgeniy
Lead Backend Engineer
Kirillov Konstantin
Backend Engineer
Gordeyev Aleksey
iOS Developer
Yaneva Aleksandra
Android Developer
Demin Anton
Android developer
Shilov Oleg
Frontend Developer
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  • Moscow
    9/3 Znamenka St, Office 1-8, Moscow, Russian Federation, 101000
  • Saint Petersburg
    32 Polyustrovskiy pr., Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, 195197