dialog - is a lot more than just a messenger

dialog - is a lot more than just a messenger

Our company has been developing the dialog corporate messenger for more than 3 years. We are a team of specialists from IT-communications, data security, real-time distributed systems, Big Data and other fields related to messaging.

Today, there are more than 108 people working on dialog who was, at various points, engaged in developing products for major companies leading in the fields of system security and data storage.

We need more talents in our team, learn more about current openings and life in the company.

Technology partnership

dialog creates an independent IT environment with Russian developers of office solutions and operating systems.


Integrate dialog with any external service or application – use the messenger interface to work with familiar tools such as e-mail, calendar, task manager, cloud storage and much more.


To eradicate bureaucracy. To simplify and improve the quality of communications for all the mankind.


Simplicity, transparency, flexibility, smart innovations, opportunity, and efficiency.


To create a communications platform for a “business-society-government” ecosystem.

Patents and Licenses

The patents and licenses of dialog and its products comply with the specific requirements of the Russian federal authorities.

Contact Information


3, bldg. 2 Poklonnaya St., 121170


office 311, 11 Nikolaeva St., 630090


40 Kommunisticheskaya St., 630007