Hi! We are dialog.

Hi! We are dialog.

In this blog, we will talk about dialog features and their workability; we talk about fresh stuff: integrations and capabilities, and share successful case studies. Let's start from the beginning!

What is dialog messenger?

dialog is a handy customizable messenger for iOS, Android, Linux, web and desktop, and what is more - it is an application for organizing team communications. The dialog engine has been developed for over two years and in addition to the basic functionality of the modern messenger, now includes phone calls and compatibility with chatbots – the platform supports creation of bots by users, similar to Slack. The advantage of dialog is a free access to the full functionality of the messenger.

Experience dialog throughout now: in web – app.dlg.im or in apps (iOS, Android).

Our customers are large companies and organizations that are tired of unproductive interaction of employees through multiple communication channels. dialog platfrorm
helps such customers to place all internal communications on a secure and unified infrastructure.

Catch the spirit!

Front-end: dialog SDK Client & dialog SDK Server

Programmers should pay attention to the dialog messenger SDK. As a patent example of a product developed by developers for developers, dialog SDK helps to launch your own high-quality multi-platform messaging service in just few hours.

dialog platform is scalable and has flexible customization and integration options. That all makes dialog a perfect basis for the building of any particular white label messenger.

The API of dialog messenger is proprietary, the code is created with minimal use of open-source. That guarantees a total absence of any third-party closed source components or undocumented behavior in the code. We provide dialog initial code to the customer for safety audit. As a result – you have integrated data control.

dialog offers 2 hosting plans: cloud and self-hosted (on-premise or self-hosted instant messaging) solutions – pay-per-user or for a limited license, respectively.

It is easy to make any changes to the interface, logic and functionality of application with the dialog Client SDK and dialog Server SDK tools.

Customize design and interface with Client SDK, finalize functionality and make integrations with corporate internal or external services by the means of Server SDK.

Ready-to-use dialog-based App

Three steps to the dialog-based App:

  1. Hosting selection and the deployment of the dialog platform.

  2. Building/customization of a dialog-based App.
    The release of the App in stores and markets.

  3. Choosing dialog as the base for creating your own messenger, you get ready-to-use, fast and convenient product with the list of basic built-in functions, that may optionally be modified or supplemented by the dialog team or by your means:

  • Chats
  • Groups
  • Channels
  • Calls
  • Chatbots
  • Invites
  • Registration by Email/Phone
  • Group/personal profiles
  • Audio messages
  • File sharing
  • Geolocation sharing
  • Administrative panel

Catch you in the @dialog!

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