Messenger start-up with dialog SDK for 2 weeks.

Messenger start-up with dialog SDK for 2 weeks.

Do you want to create a messenger quickly, and supplement it with various, creative functionality? Is your customer interested in a self-hosted messenger? Need a deeply customizable platform to create a messenger?

Depending on performance specifications, dialog-based instant messenger can be built in a week. The developer kit includes more than 40 modules, which can be personalized and customized. As a part of internal corporate solutions, you can start using the messenger during the development of the necessary functionality. If you are developing a separate application and plan to release it in the Google Play Market and Apple Store, you have to take into consideration the average duration of approving applications before deployment – approximately 2 weeks for App Store and 2-4 days for Google Market. Any changes published application must also undergo an approval process, however the duration of approval is significantly reduced. The deployment of self-hosted dialog-based messenger takes only 1 day.

In addition to customizable design of the application, dialog is adapted to both simple and complex-scale integrations – you can receive e-mails, reminders on calendar events, personnel changes, status of corporate trackers and many other things — right in the dialog interface. Our customers have successfully integrated dialog with payment tools, advertising affiliate programs, automatic translation systems and so on.

If you need a messenger, yet do not have the necessary programming skills, dialog experts will provide you with extensive support and help you at any stage of the building of your dialog-based messenger.

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