28 November2016

Raising staff productivity by 80% in 1 week

Statistically, only 20% of employees in medium and large companies have permanent access to personal computers.

This means that the remaining 80% of workers are deprived of direct interaction with the office during the workday, or have limited access to corporate communications. Communications in such companies are decentralized – information is transmitted chaotically through various channels and is primarily driven by personal factors, not by the needs of the organization. This slows down the process of corporate communication, consequently slowing down all business processes dependent on communication. The lack of unification of communication channels between departments, management, and employees contributes to the establishment of a vertical model of disseminating information - information is distributed "from the top down" without opportunities for feedback or discussions with colleagues, which generally reduces the loyalty to the executive management and feasibility of tasks.

Teams are aimed at achieving targets that contribute to the development and expansion of a business through teamwork. The only active interaction between your staff can bring desired results.

This is just a small part of the tasks to be solved by the integration of the dialog-based messenger as the primary means of communication between employees:

Coordination between offices of the company Daily and weekly status updates on tasks (sales, customer service, problem-solving, processing client requests and so on.) Discussion of current issues and challenges Informing about changes, work schedules, and shares. You can create a corporate dialog-based instant messenger in the duration of 1 week. Don’t leave what you can do today for tomorrow.

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