28 November2016

Reducing costs with chatbots — Part 1

You can pass the routine work of your employees onto the shoulders of chatbots.

Meanwhile, employees can pursue other things beyond the scope of bots, such as complex problem solving. How you can optimize performance of employees using chatbots:

Automation of repetitive activities in the work process

Support service inquiries are often repeated again and again. Smart chatbots are able to handle a variety of everyday support service inquiries. Using mechanisms of machine learning, chatbots analyze information previously solved by support teams and learn to understand user questions. With further training and by adjusting the conversation tree, chatbots learn to respond. Thus, chatbots can distribute and solve a major part of incoming requests from customers.

Personalized approach with a scarcity of employees — Retail

Offer your customers a personalized service in choosing products. Find out exactly what customers are looking for, what size or color they want. Bots are able to independently verify the availability of goods in warehouses of the company, presence of the items in retail outlets and even reserve them for the buyers. The conversional personalized management increase sales exponentially. Employees, as always with the organization of the chatbot activity, need to be engaged in just 20%-25% of the cases.

Automation of standard sequences of the document or action approval within the organization

For example, to arrange a business trip, the employee must first submit a request to the head of the department and get his approval; then send a request to the coordination department and receive a positive response and a budget for the trip; send a request to the booking department to get options of accommodation and route options (air / train etc.); make a choice; reconfirm trip details with the department of coordination and finally, issue travel documents with the booking department, by providing information on the documents (passport, visa and etc.); then send a request for travel expenses.

In this case, all of the steps can be managed by chatbots. It will automatically send requests for approval to all departments, offer routes and accommodation options, calculate the sum of travel expenses, form the trip and request approval or a change in the plan with executive staff.

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