Screen and document sharing in dialog

Screen and document sharing in dialog

This week dialog users were introduced a new feature.

A very important part of cooperative work is a screen translation function, which can be used, for example, to discuss internal documents or deliver a realtime presentation to your colleagues and partners.

This week dialog users were introduced a new feature – the screen sharing option allows screen sharing of a user's device and/or local documents in the chat during the call.

Screen sharing can be enabled on Andriod-based mobile devices or desktop PCs, using the desktop application.

The video can be observed on all types of devices - iOS, Android, Mac, Windows.

To start the translation choose a private or a group chat and call your respondents by pressing a phone call button. When your respondent picks up the phone, in a call menu you will be able to see a video call button (camera icon) and a screen sharing button (laptop with an arrow icon). Choose the file on your computer to show and discuss it with your respondents.

This feature is vital for training and education seminars for new employees, remote software set-up, online presentations and all the other activities which require a realtime visualization.