27 January2017

Systems of automation and business processes management in mobile phones

We will discuss what potential these technologies reveal for company heads and what makes them essential in the 21st century. Let's begin.

We have already explored the distinguishing features of introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies through the example of the dialog platform, and today we will discuss what potential these technologies reveal for company heads and what makes them essential in the 21st century. Let's begin.

"Who owns the information, owns the world."

1. Process automation and data analysis

a) HR-analysis

The personnel potential of a company or its ‘human capital’ is considered one of the main strengths of modern business. With the dialog communication platform, you can easily collect all the information required for analysis, and start organizing and optimizing the company’s workflow.

Automation cases:

  • Online interviews
  • Employment management
  • Staff performance evaluation and analysis
  • Staff compliance analysis
  • Work schedule modeling and optimization
  • Informational support for employees
  • Decision making analysis and risk management
  • Emotional background
  • Discovering potential future leaders and high-fliers
  • Voting and surveys/questionnaires
  • Professional instructions
  • Department efficiency analysis

b) Corporate security

Analytical algorithms are used not only to provide information security, but to secure your business in general. Apart from the data from internal administration/administrative systems, you need to take into consideration the information from main business applications. Dialog will help you to organize a unified information database and provide real time data control.

Automation cases:

  • Traffic filtering and analysis in order to detect confidential data in any format and possible threats; information barriers
  • A full archive of staff communication
  • Employee profiling, calculation of trust level and subsequent access rights; behavior profiling;
  • Employee communication and networking analysis, defining divergent behavior
  • Prompt reaction to raising issues and automatic incident investigation.
  • Employees communication monitoring, analysis, filtering and blocking

c) Engineering services analysis and monitoring

A widespread problem which most industrial companies face today is the lack of a united system of control and monitoring of manufacturing hardware. Quite often, work that can be automated is actually being executed by several employees in a certain order – one employee is responsible for collecting readouts from devices; a second for maintaining the joint database, while a third is analyzing the information received. Because of modern protocols, the MQTT dialog platform can receive data from any device that is able to connect to the Internet. In other words, dialog becomes an access point to the internet of things, and thus, along with this, to important data generated by the hardware every second.

Automation cases:

  • Hardware monitoring and diagnostics
  • Energy resource accounting
  • Registering of emergency situations and automatic notification of responsible officials/employees

Now, based on available structured information about the key processes in your organization, you can start managing it.

2. Business Efficiency Management

Strategic management and efficiency administration is, without any doubts, a fundamental direction of any company activity. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be in charge of management functions, based on data analysis, such as development strategy modeling and planning, reaching your KPIs, and many others. Modern algorithms are able to discover correlations between different events, thus allowing you to predict and plan the company's KPI for any period of time.

Dialog platform solutions provide top management with the analytics and planning tools for every stage of efficient administration.

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