03 February2017

What can be automated by chatbots in the retail industry and why?

Text robots reached a new level of popularity, and almost every online store now uses a messenger chatbot.

Last year, the retail industry finally understood the convenience and appeal of bots - text robots reached a new level of popularity, and almost every online store now uses a messenger chatbot.

The recipe for success is simple: in 2016 in terms of popularity and daily usage time, messengers have left all the popular social networks behind and became the most effective medium for interaction with your target audience. Chatbots can perform a lot of actions to enhance the customer purchase experience - online stores are able to provide their customers with excellent support, leading to a higher level of sales.

The support of sales through the use of chatbots has even been given a specific term - сonversational commerce - and a separate hashtag #ConyComm. It's now considered one of the cutting edge technologies which will continue to change the e-commerce sector in the nearest future.

The next step in chatbot evolution seems logical - increased coverage of machine learning and improvement in AI technologies are making chatbots smarter. Now, they don’t only provide automatic answers to questions, but are able to analyze information about the client and offer individual conditions. Robotized assistants in messengers do not merely provide information about items in stock, but can also make personalized offers based on the customer's purchase history or recent search queries.

Which services can be automatized through automated chat with the client?

  • Stimulate customer's decision;
  • Work with complaints 24/7;
  • Increase customer spending and provide cross-sales;
  • Offer loyalty programs and discount vouchers;
  • Answer queries regarding out of stock items and notify customers when the item is available;
  • Collect feedback from customers;
  • Send dispatch and delivery updates.

By providing users with an intuitive communication interface, messengers become a new effective and profitable means of customer service. It is very simple, a chatbot doesn't have a work schedule and is available all day long, while the amount of information that can be analyzed with the help of modern algorithms is far greater than that available to humans.

If we talk about numbers, chatbots can reduce the costs for technical support by up to 80%, and the load on call-centers by as much as 40%. How much more effective can your business become after automating some of the business processes?

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