29 March2017

Corporate messenger and BYOD

Not a long time ago Bring Your Own Device strategy was considered a privilege for employees and a headache for IT-directors and security services.

However, now collaboration becomes a keystone of any company's activity, so the requirement of mobile and flexible communication is not a privilege, but a necessity.

This information is supported by a recent report “BYOD & Enterprise Mobility Market – Global Forecast to 2021” published by the consulting agency Fast Market Research. According to the document, the Compound Annual Growth Rate of 15,87% makes the BYOD and enterprise mobility market size be expected to grow from USD 35 Billion to USD 73 Billion by 2021. Such dynamics can not be ignored, which means more and more companies are directing their attention on BYOD strategy.

The history of corporate communications apps goes back further than 10 years. Since that the tools of team cooperation have been significantly modified – first of all, they became more intuitive and user-friendly. This particularly makes modern corporate messengers the most demanded tool for employees who have no access to the stationary office computer.With the growth and expanding of BYOD strategy in different sized businesses the question of implementing an internal communication medium becomes more and more urgent.

With no doubts this strategy invokes the intensively growing offer of corporate communication platforms. Let's examine the main aspects of BYOD impact on the corporate messengers market.

Internal messenger – business processes mobility

To accept BYOD strategy companies need safe and simple in use tools which allow its employees to communicate and cooperate, no matter where they are actually located. With the increase of mobile internet global coverage, and, accordingly, the amount of its users, teamwork collaboration messengers keep a finger on pulse.

Compatibility with various environments and platforms

An additional stimulus to launch BYOD ecosystem in companies would be the cross-platform feature of corporate messengers – amongst with the desktop application for office computers, they offer a browser version and mobile apps for most operating systems. This multi-platform feature allows company employees to stay in touch anytime it is required. Cloud storage of chats, contact lists, messenger settings and history synchronization allows the required flexibility – your team doesn't have to stick to one work device and can immediately continue the conversation, which started on a computer, on any other device.

Security policy compliance

One of the main concerns related to BYOD is the corporate data security since communication might be provided through the cloud servers of external vendors. Such risks, indeed, exist, and we covered the topic in the previous post, however, if you install a corporate messenger on company's own server, this will secure a maximum control of confidential data. Some communication platforms support instalment on a customer's server, including dialog. Apart from that, team collaboration messengers guarantee it's users secure and reliable data transmission through the end-to-end traffic encryption. Sometimes internal communication solutions use security protocols which are not supported by the company security policy. If required, Dialog Enterprise communication solution can be configured with any cryptographic algorithms for additional data encryption. Apart from these information security tools, corporate messengers also provide an administrative interface which allows you to control access rights for files and chats.


One of the main reasons why corporate chats become a main popularizing force for BYOD strategy is their simplicity of use. No IT-specialist is required to install the messenger – your employees simply download the application on their phone and start working in a very familiar communication interface.

BYOD further development

Obviously, companies which intend to integrate the BYOD strategy need something bigger, than a simple business messenger. Communication requirements of different sized businesses vary a lot, which means that communication platforms have to be flexible and able to be adjusted to any specific demand. Modern companies require a platform which can provide a unique work infrastructure, with integration into already used business applications and chatbot automation of business processes.Overall, corporate messengers and BYOD are based on a similar principle and share the same goals – they contribute to productivity increase, business mobility and make team collaboration more convenient and efficient.

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