A simple and technological solution for corporate communications

Secure communications

On-premise solution
On-premise solution
Unlike cloud solutions, dialog do not possess keys to decrypt your communication and access infrastructure. This architecture provides better protection against any abuser.
High security standards
High security standards
Data encryption
Client-server encryption based on TLS and DTLS protocols for a secure dialog connection.
Security audit
Dialog cooperates with leading security experts to conduct regular audits on its products.
Integration with anti-virus software
dialog supports integration with anti-virus software via the ICAP protocol. Messenger blocks malicious files from being sent.
SIEM technology provides real-time analysis, dialog makes in possible to promptly respond to security events before any damage is done.
Integration with DLP
dialog integrates with data loss prevention systems based on the ICAP protocol, blocking messages and attachments containing confidential information from being sent. Consequently, it minimizes the risk of deliberate or accidental leaks of confidential information.
  • The software development company “Dialog” is registered as an accredited IT organization in the Russian Federation (No. 436 dated 09/07/2016).
  • dialog messenger complies with the requirements of the Unified Registry of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases, and is also included in the national software registry.
  • The software development company “Dialog” is licensed by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) of Russia to protect confidential information and to develop and produce tools for securing it.
  • The software development company “Dialog” is licensed by the Federal Security Service (FSS) of Russia to develop, produce, and distribute encryption tools, as well as information systems and telecommunications systems secured by encryption tools.

Effective Communications

Increasing employee productivity by means of:
  • Instant messaging to increase the speed of communication within working groups
  • Quick decision-making in work chats and channels
  • New ways of cooperation using the messenger’s features
Reducing expenses on communications from 10% to 30% by means of:
  • Combining various tools within a single platform
  • Integrating VoIP and mobile telephony
  • Conference calls
  • Saving on calls within an organization, roaming, and external calls

Technological Partnerships with Russian Software Developers

dialog cooperates with vendors to ensure the infrastructure compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation

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