Audio/Video calls

Don't pay for voice communication since it is possible to call directly through dialog. Free audio and video calls can save your money on communication with friends and colleges from other regions. All calls are effectively protected by means of end-to-end and TLS-based cryptographic solutions. Geographically distributed server infrastructure of dialog guarantees high definition quality for audio and video calls from anywhere in the world.

High quality connection

The quality of connection is optimized by dialog automatically depending on mobile operator signal level in your location. If the signal is poor for high quality connection, dialog minimizes transmitted audio or video traffic without connectivity break or delay.

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Video conferencing and screen sharing

Group video calls up to 5 people with the ability of the screen sharing.

Reduce the cost of communication between enterprise branches, conduct virtual meetings and collaborate efficiently on documents in real-time. Use dialog VC from the mobile device irrespective of location and establish video conference sessions with deskless workers. Easily connect customers and partners to VC by the invitation link. Find out more...

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File sharing

Send and store photo, video, audio, image and text files, archives and other file types directly in dialog. Data is persistently stored.

No limitations for shared file size

Forget about limitations – share information of any volume and amount, attach notes to the files. Easy search by file and sender’s name will prevent loss of any important data.

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One-on-one and group chats

Convenient and easy interface of personal or group text messaging with adjustable notifications for different chats. Customize your communication by the means of vivid stickers.

All messages are delivered

dialog adaptation algorithm for operation in poor networks will automatically resend a message until it will be delivered to the recipient. Our platform is optimised for working with previous generation mobile networks such is 2G as well as with next generation networks.

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Audio messages

No time to type messages? Just use your voice to leave a message. It is more convenient and faster than voice response system or voice mail.

Voice recognition

dialog recognizes human speech, converts it into a text message and sends it to your recipient. Don’t waste your time on typing, use convenient technologies.

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Chat bots

Automate processes and use high technologies for communication, chat bots can facilitate interaction substantially.

Unlimited possibilities

Create your own bots or use existing ones. The future is here and dialog bots know perfectly what AI, neural networks, machine learning and Big Data is.

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All-staff notifications - news feeds, blogs, alerts.

Direct contact

Company-wide alerts for unlimited users.

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Nowadays, it is convenient for communication to be available anytime and anywhere – dialog is similarly good on all of your gadgets. You will appreciate dialog's stable operation and synchronization of history on web, mobile and desktop clients.

Anytime access

dialog supports any operating systems – Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux. Stay connected irrespective of OS and location.

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