Functionality customization and additional features

Add necessary functions, delete unnecessary ones or come up with new ones. Integrate messenger with any external services and applications – use messenger interface to interact with services such as mail, calendars, task managers, cloud storages and a lot more.

Video conference

Chat bots

Chatbot is a program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence and machine learning. It helps to automate communications with employees and customers.

Smart chatbots are able to handle a variety of everyday use cases that were previously solved by employees.

Surveys and reviews

Survey-bot was developed to get feedback from employees, to carry out HR researches and etc.


Dialog develops a built-in tool for assigning and monitoring tasks.

With chatbot was specially developed for large state organization.
 Employee assigns the task to the executant in less than a minute.


A built-in calendar is being developed to conveniently establish and monitor scheduled events inside the dialog application.


Integrated maps in Dialog Event App allow the participants to arrive at the event venue on time and show them exactly where to go.

Integration with customer telephone system

Integration with the company's telephone system will allow to make and receive calls from external users, to log and redirect calls.

Thus, company has opportunity to reduce the cost of corporate mobile maintenance.


Dialog provides users with audio/video calls and screen sharing. To expand the capabilities of video calls Dialog offers integration with video conferencing systems.

This will allow broadcasting for an unlimited number of participants, to invite external number of users and to work together with documents.

Information security

The ability to integrate with anti-viruses, DLP systems and notification of security events will reduce the risk level and increase the overall level of information security of the company.

Extend your dialog

Bring together your favorite apps and dialog, and discover new ones that help you connect with more customers.

With our flexible APIs and powerful SDKs, you can build your own integrations and customize dialog to fit your team and business. We’ll be your partner at every step with comprehensive docs and support.

Push ideas and user stories directly to JIRA, and enjoy 2-way issue status syncing.
Use data and events from 1000+ integrations to automate your workflow
Detailed interactive maps allow the participants to find their way around an unknown city or a new location.
Create Google Calendar events right from your conversations.
Dialog's built in Webhooks function as an easy way to get automated messages and data updates sent to a text channel in your server.
Build your own
Don’t see an integration you need? Our API lets you build custom integrations to meet your team’s unique workflows.