Sberbank buys majority stake in Dialog

Sberbank buys majority stake in Dialog

Sberbank’s investment will be targeted at further technological solutions and strengthening user security from cyber threats. The messenger lets companies transfer employee communications onto a contemporary platform with a user-friendly interface.

dialog enterprise has every feature of a modern-day messenger, including voice and video calls, chat bot compatibility, file exchange, meeting set up, as well as audio and video conferencing. The product is designed to fully replace external messengers in corporate communications.

dialog enterprise is compatible with business applications already used by a company’s employees. The messenger is also capable of making and receiving calls through an organization’s existing VoIP infrastructure. The service will also provide for total data confidentiality, as the product can also be installed on-premise, onto the client’s existing IT infrastructure.

“We aim to broaden the product lineup for Sberbank’s ecosystem,” Lev Khasis, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, said. “We plan to start using dialog enterprise for intrabank communications this year, but we also hope that our partners and clients show interest toward the product.”

LLC Dialog has been working on dialog enterprise corporate messenger development since 2016. The company brings together communications platform developers, cyber security and AI specialists.