Updates: auto-connect and enhanced data services

Updates: auto-connect and enhanced data services

Here comes the long-awaited first updates in 2017. Important changes have touched upon calls, messages and informational panel – dialog has changed, and became even more stable, that means that your communication with friends is more comfortable from now. Now let’s get started:


  • Indication of time and date of the call in the system message was added – control your time.
  • Auto-connection in case of lost network is commenced now – dialog will put your call on hold, and you continue the conversation as soon as the network appears.
  • Improved data quality on video calls – be sure that there is no distortion in picture.


  • Reactions were added – more then 700 ways to react on each message.
  • Delete unread messages with the new function – important when you are mistaken in chat, and in generally comfortable.
  • Active link to an email address was added – email client opens by click on the link.
  • Active link to a phone number was added – call interface is opened by click.
  • We have improved the quality of preview image of the video.


  • Optimized on-off settings for notifications.
  • Increased number of characters in the information block "About Me".
  • Increased number of characters in the information block “Description" of the group chat.
  • Optimized invitation links to chats, groups and channels.

Bonuses & design

  • Optimized geolocation services – the location is now defined faster than ever.
  • New bright backgrounds were added – that will brighten up any conversation.
  • Phonebook in dialog is now very hip and edgy.
  • Improved layout of buttons and text boxes.

Catch you in @dialog!