Dialog for Private companies

A unified corporate communications environment

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Преимущества приложения Dialog

  • Reduced communication costs

    Dialog brings together several communication tools in one platform and reduces communication costs

  • Security without losing any freedom

    Centralize access rights management and ensure transparency.

  • Efficient collaboration at any scale

    Collaborate with any number of distributed teams

Accelerate company performance

Use Dialog Bot SDK and API to create integrations and streamline workflows. Bots allows employees to do their work faster and better.


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Onboard new employees faster
New employees get involved in work faster when chatbots quickly answer their questions.Dialog for HR
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Make more sales
Organize work with a sales funnel in Dialog. See the details of deals from CRM in chat rooms, increase access to information for employees.Dialog for Sales
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Customer service and Support
Accelerate response time
Combine customer requests in Dialog groups and solve problems faster.Dialog for Support
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IT and engineering
Speed ​​up development
With help of integrations developers combine work services and automate workflows. Less context switches and more tasks completed.
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Marketing and PR
Monitor the brand online
Get mentions of your brand in social networks and online publications in the messenger.

Corporate features

Installation into your company infrastructure
Corporate credentials
Integration with Address book and OpenID
Audio/video communication
Integration with Audio/Video conferencing and PBX systems
Integration with security systems
Targeted messaging
Messaging for specific groups of users in channels
Connection and development of bots and chatbots

Information security

  • Data under your control

    Dialog hosting

    • On-premise hosting on your company's servers

    • Private cloud hosting on a third-party infrastructure in private cloudSbercloud logo

  • High security standards

    Integration with Information Security Infrastructure

    • Active Directory AD / LDAP Integration

    • DLP — Leak Prevention

    • Integration with Antivirus Software

    • SIEM — Threat identification

    • Data encryption with TLS, DTLS protocols

    • Independent Software Security Audit

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Admin Panel

User management

Over time, new employees will enter your company, while others will leave. With the Admin Panel, you can easily activate / deactivate users in your workspace and manage accesses.

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Reduced communication costs

Dialog allows you to optimize costs by combining multiple tools over one platform

Costs related to fixed telephones, maintenance/support, and calls to mobile phones through PBX
Video communication
License fees for video conferencing software.
Cloud storage
Cloud storage subscriptions and licenses

Ready for large-scale implementation

Rapid deployment
Can be embedded in a corporate IT environment within a single day
High availability
Smooth work with a userbase of 250K+ active users
Responsive service
Operational support and documentation

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